Become a PRC Russia & CIS 2021 exhibitor and shine a spotlight on your solutions, equipment or services. Connect face-to-face with the top Downstream industry decision-makers and give them the chance to explore your products and services firsthand. We give equal visibility to everyone and limit segment competition.

    This format is for you if:
  • you have a product or service to present to oil majors, EPCs, refineries, petrochemical complexes
  • you have good networking skills and can actively promote your company
  • your company has the capacity for the new contracts with the leaders in the Downstream industry

Useful to achieve the following business goals:

  • Showcasing solutions & services for the Downstream industry
  • Finding partners, investors, or key clients
  • Face-to-face networking with petrochemical and refining industry leaders
  • Maximizing your brand exposure

Register as an Exhibitor

As an exhibitor you can present your services and/or equipment in the main networking area. Please note that there is the limited competition policy, you need to check the availability of the slots for your segment. To get this information please fill in the form below.